Are You Facing An IRS Levy? Hire a Good IRS Tax Levy Lawyer

If you’re facing an IRS levy, you may be wondering how to get started. While many taxpayers feel comfortable handling audits and installment agreements on their own, more complicated cases often require the assistance of a tax lawyer. The average cost of hiring a tax attorney can seem daunting, but a well-qualified attorney can increase your chances of winning. For your OIC, audit, or unpaid tax case, Paducah Tax Levy Lawyer in Kentucky can provide legal assistance. Our attorneys have been successfully representing taxpayers for over two decades, and we look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

Your attorney can negotiate with the IRS to eliminate the levy. An attorney can help you prove that you have an economic hardship, which will likely result in the IRS lifting the levy. They can also negotiate with the IRS to get the lien released, or find a different method of paying back the money. You may even discover an old lien on your property that you were not aware of. IRS TAX LEVY LAWYERS may be able to work with you to remove the lien on your property, and you may not even realize you have any more taxes than you owe.

Good Tax attorneys can fight the levy and keep your assets. A levy can occur with any property owned by a taxpayer. Some of the items IRS can levy are: your wages, bank accounts, real estate, boats, 401Ks, and more. An attorney can work with the IRS to stop the levy before it causes too much damage to your finances. The IRS can offer alternative methods of settling the levy, including installment plans and offers in compromise.

Tax levy lawyers have extensive experience negotiating with the IRS. Often, the IRS will accept a lower amount in exchange for your debt, but you can still negotiate a settlement and pay the rest over time. A NYC tax levy lawyer can work with the IRS to get you the best settlement possible. Once you’ve settled your debt, the IRS will forgive the rest of the amount.

While you may think that a bank levy is an extreme measure, it’s actually a last resort for the IRS. In fact, you’ve probably already received several demand letters for payments on your tax debt. The IRS doesn’t like garnishing bank accounts, but sometimes they have to, because the taxpayers haven’t responded to the notices. A bank levy can be devastating to your finances, which is why it’s so important to work with an experienced tax attorney to protect your rights.

While a local lawyer may be able to help you with your tax debt, he or she may not have the relationships with the IRS that a tax lawyer from a national law firm does. Your tax attorney will negotiate on your behalf to reduce your balance or agree to an installment payment plan with the IRS. This can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If you have a high tax debt, a tax lawyer can help you get the best settlement possible.